Clear + Confident Bootcamp:

Create Videos that Increase Your Engagement, Audience, and Revenue

Is creating an engaging and easy video marketing strategy a challenge for you?

If you know that video is a powerful tool that can attract your ideal clients but you're not sure how it fits in with your current marketing strategy….keep reading!

You are invited to join the Clear + Confident Bootcamp, where we'll deep-dive into your marketing and create a video strategy that:

💥 Is crystal clear in terms of how it works with your existing marketing

💥 Is attractive to your ideal clients

💥 Is fun + easy to implement

How does it work?

The BootCamp happens over a one-week period and includes 3 group calls and 1 one-on-one call. 

  • Tuesday, October 18th from 3:00-4:15 PM
  • Wednesday, October 19th from 3:00-4:15 PM
  • Thursday, October 20th from 3:00-4:15 PM
  • One-on-one call to be scheduled at your convenience between October 21st-25th

Day 1: Digital Marketing Strategy

Create a clear roadmap for how prospects move from being a connection on LinkedIn to becoming a new client.

We provide a proven LinkedIn Strategy that turns video engagement on LinkedIn into sales calls. 

Day 2: Calls-to-Action

No more prospects falling through the cracks! 

Workshop the most effective calls to action for each of your digital channels so you get the most engagement and your prospects always know what to do next. 

Day 3: Content Strategies That Never Run Out

Learn content strategies that fit your video personality™️, will ensure you never run out of content, and will keep your prospects watching video after video. 

Leave day 3 with access to endless content and the confidence that comes with owning your expertise. 

One-on-One Call: Implementation

We cover a lot in our first 3 days. In your one-on-one call, we work through what you can do FIRST that will make the biggest impact. 

Leave this call with a binge-worthy content series you can get started with right away.


So you experience GREAT results, you agree to: 

✅ Participate in our group calls, live, with questions and feedback.  

✅ Schedule your one-on-one call to take place within 5 days of the final group call. 

✅ Bring your A-game and do your homework!

Great news! You can apply partial payment for the Bootcamp to further work with us if you want to build onto your video marketing strategy after this week. Partial credit can be applied to the Connect + Convert Cohort: Video Marketing that Attracts Your Ideal Clients.

Get real-time coaching as you produce your first video series, implement your strategy, and see your digital presence expand.

Please ask for details.



What People Are Saying:

I highly recommend attending Nina Froriep's Clear and Confident Bootcamp. What will you get? The clarity about your message with a plan for video content and the confidence to produce your videos! Just say yes!

Jen Coken | CEO, Embrace the Ridiculousness of Life

My biggest frustration with video marketing was that I had to include a team. I needed to find something easier and faster. So, I attended the Masterclass and got to see Nina's thought process on it. And there was something in there that was like, this is a different way of looking at video.

Connie Vanderzanden | Cash Flow & Business Mentor, Profits with Connie

Nina was fabulous to work with every step of the way; she broke down what seemed like a daunting endeavor into bite-sized chunks that made sense. I went from feeling intimidated about what gadgets + gear I needed/ how to show up on video/ how to handle the strategy + tech bits... to feeling comfortable and confident in putting video content out into the world. Nina demystifies video marketing!

Jodi Wellman | Founder, Coach + Speaker, Four Thousand Mondays

I needed to add video to my marketing mix, I knew that! I just wasn't DOING it. I bought all kinds of fancy video equipment, I had to-do's and intentions, and it never happened. Once I signed up with Nina she made it all simple for me, with just one light, my cell phone camera, and software I already had Nina got me regularly shooting videos that get me engagement and new business. She's got a sharp eye, and won't let you get away with cheesy excuses or videos that are just "pretty good". She's going to get you making quality videos in no time!

Brad Farris | Leadership Development for Agency Founders, Anchor Advisors

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