Make Creating a Video as Easy as Sending an Email


Video may be the key to growing your business, but it's also got a steep learning curve. 

This self-guided learning program, based on our signature Connect + Convert Video Cohort, teaches you everything you need to know to produce your own high-performing video content and attract your ideal clients. 

Sign up and get immediate access to the following 9 learning modules: 

➡️ Prep + Shoot: How to shoot professional quality video with your smartphone

➡️ Edit Your Video: Use simple tools to edit videos yourself AND learn how to hire a quality editor (should you need one)

➡️ Strategy: Get the most out of your video efforts with a dialed-in content strategy

➡️ Content Creation: Never run out of good video content ideas

➡️ Sexy Workflows: Use our time-tested processes so creating a video becomes as easy for you as sending an email 

➡️ Graphics: Easily make the must-have graphics that make your videos pop

➡️ Closed Captioning: In the age of watching videos on mute, closed captions are an absolute must-have

➡️ Hosting: How to host videos on your website can make or break your web-strategy

➡️ Posting: If you're creating video for social media, when and how to post can make a big difference 

➡️ BONUS: Get access to our Expert Video Series that covers additional topics such as Branding, Wardrobe, and more! 

What are you waiting for? Sign up now and get started attracting your ideal clients with video! 

If you'd like to learn more about this program or our guided Cohort, click here to book a call.

What People Are Saying:

It's hard to juggle everything and doing a video and I'm so glad I learned your process because if there's any way to integrate video, it's the way you set it up because it's doable and you have made it such an efficient process.

Jennifer Bruno | CEO + Founder, Catalyst Hedge Fund Marketing

I needed to add video to my marketing mix, I knew that! I just wasn't DOING it. I bought all kinds of fancy video equipment, I had to-do's and intentions, and it never happened. Once I signed up with Nina she made it all simple for me, with just one light, my cell phone camera, and software I already had Nina got me regularly shooting videos that get me engagement and new business. She's got a sharp eye, and won't let you get away with cheesy excuses or videos that are just "pretty good". She's going to get you making quality videos in no time!

Brad Farris | Business + Personal Growth Advisor, Anchor Advisors

Nina had just a really great way of breaking it up into a step-by-step approach. She had us do homework along the way, which I found really helpful to, you know, keep us accountable. And then by the end, I was able to launch my very first LinkedIn video. And the great thing about that is that Nina offered to share it on her own LinkedIn, it gathered so much interest that I actually booked a call for a lead, who is going to do some business with me. So like, I have a literal immediate ROI on her program, which is kind of the ideal situation.

Jodi Wellman | Founder, Coach + Speaker, Four Thousand Mondays

My biggest frustration with video marketing was that I had to include a team. I needed to find something easier and faster. [...] The results alone are well worth the Cohort, just because now I can make the videos quicker, I can edit them on my phone, I don't have to wait for somebody else to do it. I know how to post them. It really clicked that video could be easy and here are all the different ways that you can use them.

Connie Vanderzanden | Cash Flow & Business Mentor, Profits with Connie

$997.00 USD